CoMo Paradigm was proudly featured in Inside Columbia  magazine 

(July 2016 issue)

"Columbia - Dusk To Dawn" article


CoMo Paradigm

All investigations are always performed free of charge.

We are a paranormal investigation & research team located in Columbia, Missouri. If you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home or business contact us at the number provided below. We will set up a date, time and location to meet that is convenient for you. Let us help you get the answers you are seeking! All investigations are performed in a strict, confidential and scientific manner using the latest equipment.

As always, your privacy is the key to our success...

Call and leave a message or text us (573) 303-1872

We look forward to hearing from you!

We are dedicated to providing you with the answers you are seeking. After the completion of an investigation(s) we will return to your location & present you with copies of any evidence we gathered, as well as explain it.

We're at the forefront of ever-changing paranormal investigation methods and are fully committed to our clients. We will explain the entire process in a simple-to-understand manner.

 TEXT US:  573- 303-1872

We would like to welcome Molly and Biz to our team!


We have a well-deserved reputation of providing professional scientific investigations that are always free of charge. With 100's of investigations under our belt we have one goal - to help our clients!

Paranormal Research & Investigations

Located in Columbia, Missouri